Taking Care Of The Space

House Rules

  1. Please treat all facilities and items with care. Any missing, damaged or stained items will result in the forfeit of your security deposit. Should the deposit be insufficient to cover the damages, The Happi Loft will reserve the rights to claim any further replacement fees from the event liaison.
  1. Please leave the unit on time after your booking ends. Any last minute extension (informed during the time of your booking) will be charged at 1.5x of the per hourly rate, subjected to availability.
  1. For all decor or set ups, please refrain from using any super glue or mounting tape that will cause damages to The Happi Loft’s surfaces. Any damages will result in the forfeit of your security deposit.
  1. Please adhere to the no footwear policy on our second storey.
  1. Please do not make excessive noise (screaming or loud music or cheering) especially after 9pm. Any complaints received will result in the deposit being forfeited.
  1. Smoking or vaping within The Happi Loft space is strictly prohibited. Smoke detectors are present in the space and should it be triggered, security deposit will be forfeited.
  1. Sexual or illegal activity is strictly prohibited.
  1. Please do not tamper with any of our equipment (TV, fridge, projectors, game consoles, pool table).
  1. Access to the space is strictly limited to your booking slot, in addition to the complimentary 30 minutes set up time as agreed with The Happi Loft Management (applicable to weekend / PH bookings only).
  1. The following items are strictly not to be moved. If found moved, the security deposit will be forfeited and the event liaison will be liable for any further replacement costs.
    • Pool Table: $500
    • Foosball Table: $300
    • Air Hockey Table: $300
    • TV Screen & Sofa: $500
    • Fridge: $200
    • PS4: $500
  1. In the event that items are missing or damaged during your booking slot, The Happi Loft Management reserves the right to recover the total costs of the damages from the event liaison should the security deposit be insufficient to cover.
  1. Please ensure that all doors are securely locked upon leaving and returning the space.
  1. The Happi Loft Management will not be responsible for any of your loss of belongings. Please ensure that all belongings have been taken after leaving the space.
  1. If any switch, aircon or water points are found to be left on, the following charges apply:
    $30 per switch or aircon | $100 per water point
  1. Please seek approval from The Happi Loft Management regarding any requests for pets to be on the premises. The refundable security deposit will be $700 in total should approval be given for having pets and the cleaning fee will be $100.
  1. All pets must be on diaper through out the event. Pets are not allowed to be on 2nd floor.

Important Notes

Terms and Conditions

(Updated as of 7.3.2023)

  1. Booking Confirmation
    A full payment will be required to confirm your booking of the chosen date and time slot. There will be no soft booking of any time slot. 
    The official point of contact is the event liaison who will be responsible for any matters relating to the event space booking.
  1. Refundable Security Deposit

    A refundable security deposit of $500 is required to ensure the risks of unforeseen incidents resulting in damages or costs to the venue. This deposit will be returned after your event ends, upon checking that The Happi Loft is returned in good condition and with no missing/damaged items.

    Should there be missing, damaged items or stains on any of our property items, The Happi Loft management will forfeit the security deposit amount. Failure to abide by the house rules will also result in a forfeit of the security deposit amount. Should the damages exceed the $500 security deposit, we reserve the right to recover further damages from the event liaison.

    Early entry to the venue prior to your booking start time or further extension beyond your booking end time will be charged as per hourly extension.  
  1. Cleaning Fee
    There will be a $100 cleaning fee required for every booking to ensure cleanliness of the space after your event. Additional cleaning fee may apply if the space is not returned in a reasonable state (Read the next section on return of the space).
  1. Return of the Space
    The space must be returned in the same state as it was provided to you.
    1. All moved items must be back in their original position
    2. Basic housekeeping must be done before leaving the space
      • All thrash must be discarded
      • No spills or lasting stains on the furniture or flooring
      • Please sweep up any debris from food crumbs, clean up spillage of liquid or vomit
    3. All decorations, props or set up must be taken down
    4. Ensure all doors locked upon leaving
    5. All lights, water points, powerpoints and air con to be switched off (Except for those with a DO NOT SWITCH OFF label)
  1. Cancellations & Refund Policy
    Cancellations within 24 hours of paymentFull Refund
    Cancellations done more than 30 days before event datePartial Refund of 50%
    Cancellations done less than 30 days till the event dateNo Refund

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Event Space Information

The Happi Loft is a 2000 sqft event space with beautiful floor-to-ceiling glass windows that allows ample natural light to brighten up your event. With a spacious, elegant and minimalist interior, it is suitable for you to decorate and personalize to your taste. It is perfect for hosting birthday parties, corporate events, workshops and flea markets.
The space can fit up to 100 pax with seatings for 60 pax.

The Happi Loft is located at 5 Mayo Street, S208305. We are a stone throw away from Rocher MRT (Blue Line), a 2 mins walk upon exiting. If you are driving, there is ample parking space along the road or at Sim Lim Tower right beside. 

Our space contains a fleet of entertainment and facilities to make your event a memorable and happi one for your guests. Refer to the full list here.

  • Foosball Table
  • Mahjong Table and Tiles
  • Air Hockey
  • 7” Pool Table
  • 43” LED TV screen
  • Laser Projector with a 80” Screen
  • Broadband Wifi
  • Netflix & Youtube
  • PS4
  • Board and Card Games
  • Jenga
  • 60 chairs & 10x 140cm Table
  • Photospot Feature Wall
  • Fridge/Freezer

Yes! There is a complimentary 30 minutes set up period before your booking time (applicable only for weekend bookings).

Booking & Confirmation

Your preferred slot will only be confirmed after full payment is received. Payment can be made via Bank Transfer or PayNow to our UEN202307247K (The Happi Loft Pte. Ltd.)

Yes! Do drop us a text to arrange a viewing slot, capped at 20 minutes per viewing, subject to availability.
Cancellations within 24 hours of paymentFull Refund
Cancellations done more than 30 days before event datePartial Refund of 50%
Cancellations done less than 30 days till the event dateNo Refund

There will be a refundable security deposit of $500 and $100 cleaning fee is required upon booking of the venue. Usage of all facilities and entertainment in The Happi Loft are included in the booking fee.